Lorna Byrne: Angels - Gatekeepers of our souls - Meditation and Healing - Zürich

Workshop with Lorna Byrne

"Angels - Gatekeepers of our souls" - Prayerful reflection on the place of Angels in our lives

This retreat will help the people who attend to go on a spiritual journey within themselves. They will start to discover their own unique connection with their guardian angel. I want to answer as many questions as possible. People will have the opportunity to present anonymously the questions they want answered during the retreat. My aim is to have us all pray together for one intention by the end of the retreat. I will guide you through one or two exercises to help you connect with your spiritual self. I will of course provide a blessing for each and every one at the retreat at the end. I’m looking forward to meeting all those that attend. I know that as we go on this spiritual journey together we will adapt as the angels guide us to what benefits us most.




Language: English with German translation


Ticket price at box office without prior reservation CHF 180.-


Lorna Byrne is a passionate advocate for children's wellbeing. She has founded her own charity for children: Lorna Byrne Children's Foundation. Find out more about the Foundation and its wonderful work on the charity website: ttps://foundation.lornabyrne.com/

Datum: 28.10.2018 
Link: lornabyrne.com/ 
Lokal: BEST WESTERN Hotel Spirgarten - Europasaal, Lindenplatz 5 
Ort: 8048 Zürich 
Zeit: von 10:00  bis 17:30
Kosten: CHF 160.00
Anmeldung: notwendig
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