Lorna Byrne: The Path of the Angels - Bern

An Afternoon with Irish mystic Lorna Byrne

As a little girl Lorna Byrne realized that she possessed an extraordinary gift in that she could perceive angels and other beings of light. All her life those beings of great beauty were at her side, including archangels and the prophet Elijah. Because her family considered her to be retarded, Lorna soon learned to conceal her knowledge of such things.

She grew up in the sixties in Ireland and experienced poverty, ostracism, and personal suffering. But after every stroke of fate it was the angels who gave her new hope and helped her to turn her life around in a positive manner. Ever more she began to stand up for her gift and to use it for the highest good of other people.

Today Lorna Byrne is not only a successful authoress and holds speeches all over the world, she is also a well-known healer and mystic who is sought after by many people who ask for guidance and healing. Her books have been published in fifty countries and have been translated into twenty-nine languages. Like none other she knows how to impart the great trust in the power of angels that has shaped her own path.

Hers is a very simple message: There is help available because millions of “unemployed” angels wait along with our guardian angels to help us. All we have to do is ask. Lorna Byrne wants to share this message of hope and love with all of us.

Aside from angels this Irish mystic perceives love as a physical force and is able to see it. This gift provides her with unique insights into the nature of love.

After Lorna has been interviewed about the wisdom of the angels and the power of love, the audience may ask questions. Lorna is looking forward to meeting participants personally. She makes time to see and bless everyone who wishes to receive her blessings.

Language: English with simultaneous translation into German.

Entry fee with pre-registration: CHF 35.-

Box office price: 40.- CHF 


Lorna Byrne is a passionate advocate for children's wellbeing. She has founded her own charity for children: Lorna Byrne Children's Foundation. Find out more about the Foundation and its wonderful work on the charity website: ttps://foundation.lornabyrne.com/

Datum: 27.10.2018 
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